Tuesday, August 04, 2015

We Choose This Cave

You know we're real, right?
Behind these photos and these words and posts and quips
we're real

real people
who feel 
and laugh
and see things and endure pain and yes
if you prick us
we will bleed

red blooded we exist
in a reality that is separate
from that which we see here
which is separate again
from that which we who listen know to be true

it's a woven truth
tapestries formed 
silkscreens made
the colours bleed
form a storyline unintentionally real

all shadows
consciousness and virtual
I can see you here
and know you not
sometimes more real
than face to face
desert dry
dusty couches
there is an energy to cerebral connection
tap tap tapping away at a keyboard
and sometimes
when I know it's honest and given
it transfers 
a tingling line of energy from screen
to mind
and soul
and sometimes
I find soul friends as they write their words
through windows yet unguarded

it's been years now
of sitting exposed
yet wide open for consumption
to a chosen few

we're real, you know
we've been told "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"
but that's who I'm looking for
that's who's fascinating
I see through it all
I see through your smoke and mirrors
because your words tell me things

we're real behind our words
our virtual actions
we are both separate from
and emerging through our conversations in this medium

and these are my words
there are many like them
but these words are mine

I hide
in a way that leaves me far too real
for there is no hidden me
my words expose me
and your words
when you let them
show me

so speak on
be real
I see you

or I will
with time
because I know you're real
behind this dot matrix two toned screen of collective smokescreens
Plato ain't got nothing on us

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