Monday, December 01, 2014

On Fast Cars and Ownership

I don't know what I want anymore.

I thought I did
I thought I did and you showed up and gave me some

gave me a taste
a taste of you
and what I'd always wanted

and then you took it away
and I don't know what I want anymore

I don't know what any of it means
I don't even know who I am

You gave me warnings
said I'd never be able to go back
that a sedan just wouldn't cut it
after you drove me around the track in the fastest car I'd ever seen
and then you left me
not even in a sedan
you just left me

left me to walk

while you sat
naive as I am
was I wrong?
did you lie?

what the hell were you thinking anyway
and who gave you the right 
to say yes
and then no
just because you didn't know the damage you would do
to someone you didn't know

so now I don't know what I want anymore
but I don't want this

I don't want this

perhaps we should fall in love again
you with me
the way it started
you falling
the words tumbling drunkenly out of your mouth and you stopping yourself with an oops
"I didn't mean to say that"

so perhaps we should fall in love again
so you can see how it feels
to be left

or maybe that's it
you already know
and this is your revenge
your taking it out on the rest of us
for her
for you
for the together life stole
maybe the last and the next and I all suffer
because you won't love
you'll only leave
just tell me this
tell me you won't drive the next one
fast around the track
and leave her walking

and not knowing what she wants