Thursday, August 31, 2017

D and D

D and D

There's an ache
when someone dies
especially when it's

there's an ache
to make this all count
to not let them down
to live the best life
to live the best life they no longer have

there's an ache
a void
a hollow space so suddenly there

a missing
an empty space you didn't quite know they filled

the bubbles of regret
of missing the things you did not do
did not say
can no longer save for a rainy tomorrow
those bubbles float up from inside
and burst
with tears
sad sad sad

when death comes sudden
and unexpected
after years of hidden silence and unspoken pains
it knocks us all out
the one who goes
and the rest of us
who survive
who remain behind
a little less whole
a little less full

we sit, feeling the sadness of the missing
while waiting for the memories
the joys
the wonder of their life
to fill the space
where the bubbles pop
and the empty
without them