Wednesday, August 12, 2015


please touch my soul
please fill this longing I have for love and connection and
damn good orgasms
because they're all tied together for me you see
and I want to feel a soul touching mine
as a body
touches mine
I want to ride waves of otherworldly truths
and feel safe in a love that doesn't need to be tied to small words
little days

I want expansiveness
and our own world
energies fuelling and complimenting and bursting forth
to be seen
and to give more love outwards
a calm knowing
no need to prove anything to anyone
just being
always touching
a hand
an arm
a leg against a leg
all of it sexual
and sensual
but there is more to this than just sex
because places can be more than just places
and sometimes two people are more together than their separate selves would be
and I want to connect that way
and for it all to be one and the same

so if for a time
an hour
a day
a week
if for that time
we could be more than just what is?
my love
could fill a lifetime
with memories and remembrances and connection

I know there's something more out there
I've touched it
had glimpses,
and maybe you
and maybe us
can be that
will be that
because wouldn't that be lovely?
wouldn't that be wonderful?
to sit
and feel
and know
and connect
for real
for real
for real?

I want to know
what you feel like
to touch
and be with
not just in person
but in that space beyond
when bodies make energy
that electrifies
and melts
and creates
and expands
so touch me
touch me and we will discover and see
and we will play
and love
and fuck
and glow
and we will sit
wrapped together
more than we came in with

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