Monday, August 03, 2015


fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

when you stab something repeatedly
you don't get to look surprised when it bleeds 
you don't get to tell it to stop bleeding
you don't get to be offended
when it suggests you might be part of the problem

you don't get to be hurt when it walks away
dripping blood, tasting bile

you won't believe you did it
you can't see you poison stab devour crush
and only see what you want to see

I know the pain's too much
truth hurts reality bites I know
so the gift I give you?
the mercy I show?
the softness you may never know I coated you with?  
I will see this truth and know it
and I will keep it from you
I will keep from you
the pain you served me
the blood you drew

because bless the grandmothers
and the grandmothers' grandmothers
and the steel core, fire hardened, of the men and women who bear my blood
because I am strong enough to take the truth and let it go
without needing you to taste it see it feel it 
choke on it
know it

I will give you
higher power
merciful woman

but no more stabbing
no more no more no more

I see your weapon
hidden in the giving hand

no more defensive blocking

slice me not

step away

step back

out of reach

my blood stays in me now


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