Saturday, August 01, 2015

Last Week Was A Rough Week

I really want you
and I could say that it's not you I want
I can try to tell myself
(and you) 
that it's just a craving
just a want
and that you're merely a convenient recipient of that want
there's something about you
(even if it is just timing)
(which I don't think it is)
there's still something about you

that mental hook went in
you flipped some switch 

right or wrong

and even though I don't know how to get us naked together
can't seem to break through that mental wall
of nerves
and the newness of you
I want to

I crave it in the strangest way

my heart feels nothing
my head is wary
but the rest of me?
the core of me?
the deep down and dirty makes me feel so good part of me?

it wants

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