Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I made excuses from the very beginning
sometimes for me
but always for you
because I saw what you could be
what it could be
what we could be
saw that you just needed uplifted
that you just needed help
that you just needed me
and what I could offer
and more
to take you back to what was there
what should be there
all things being equal and fair

I made excuses
and waited for the better
that I don’t want to admit is never coming
that I am the only one wanting
that I am the only one hoping for
In my selfish selflessness I wanted you to be
for me
and you
the great I saw
the great you have
fought against
for more time than I can imagine
pointing fingers ever outwards them them them
and even now
you point at me
it’s my fault

sometimes something so broken can never be fixed
not my words
everyone else sees that
I don’t
I don’t
and you’re determined to prove me wrong
I thought you were something more
and I’m right
but you’ll prove me wrong
because then you’ll be right
and I’ll know better
and carry that wound
your sorrow will travel with me
and that’s on you
for staying stuck
for not leaping when I said I’d catch you
I don’t even know if you’ll see
what might have been
your loss
your loss
your loss

so sad

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