Tuesday, September 30, 2014

After My Shower

I put his hoodie on to be warm

to carry him with me 
against my heart
to feel him near
against my skin
my hair
long and wet against the grey cotton blend of his hoodie
the fabric
slightly rough
against my shoulders
hips and breasts
held by my curves 

I put his hoodie on to be warm
to cover my nakedness
to have
something that belongs to him
on me
to remind me we are still connected 
by these threads

I put his hoodie on to be warm

and saw myself then in the mirror

but for his hoodie 
my legs the only skin exposed
(from toes to thighs)
the rest hidden

found myself suddenly 



my body
in something larger
and more masculine
than I'd usually wear
the sleeves too long
the length too short

I think it was the size of it
and seeing a visual representation
of how I feel when I'm with him
small and safe
comfortable and comforted in a way I can only describe as perfect

and then the knowing that were he here
he could lift up the bottom of his hoodie
to expose
what's barely hidden underneath 
and I

could then be
all his
naked and warm 

in his hoodie

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