Friday, January 05, 2018

Fair Shot

you came in wounded
dripping blood all over my heart
and started out with driving home the point of 
not ever
don't even breathe those words, that thought.
But you said sweet things
and I believed you
and you took on roles
and I believed you
and you held me close
and I believed you
and I
I lifted you up
and held you close
and I
believed in you
whole heartedly.

But we never had a chance.
We never had a shot at what's now been thrown away
and I put that on them
and you
and the lies you forgot to clarify
and you insult me regularly - daily
with your insistence on how everyone but me
is what I know I am
and what you shouldn't be stupid enough to miss

we were broken from the start
and now and again
we refresh
a slate not cleaned perhaps
but flipped 
and ready to be written on

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