Saturday, November 28, 2015


I remember waking up next to you
in that safe space that was us together
I remember waking up with you there
and wanting to watch you always.

In the quiet of those mornings
I wanted nothing more
than to hold your broken heart
gently and lovingly for the rest of time.
I felt you there for me
in a cyclical love that had no start point, it just was.

I remember
waking up with you
our heads sharing the pillow 
surrounded by softness
both literal and emotional
the light of the day seeping in through the blinds
and the two of us
being the whole world
everyone and everything else
secondary to the love we'd found in each other.

I remember waking up and knowing we were there
and nothing else mattering,
I remember waking up in your bed
and seeing your eyes
so soft
so full
smiling at me
little moments
us together

It's broken, love
and I can't fix it all
but thank you for your trust.
I will hold your heart
and the memory of what was and what might have been
and those mornings
quiet and still
soft and loved
in balance
in truth
I will hold it all
as you held me
and as we were
those mornings.
Soft and gentle and full of love.

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