Friday, November 06, 2015

And I Hope One Day To Forgive You

you turned away the possibility of connection
the knowledge that we would touch
and love
and intertwine our bodies and souls
naked and vulnerable
sighs and gasps and breath held
pleasure given and received

your fear
of repeating hurts
and discomforts
from your past
stole from us
from you
and me
those moments
those days
those times of connection
of intimacy
of love and love making
naked skin on skin
hands and fingers touching
gentle gentle
eliciting things never felt alone
such pleasure
true connection
a mingling of energies
pure bliss
not needing anything else

turned away from that
you gave it up
you took it away from us
you took away
the thing we both want most
in life

that love
that truth
that connection of hearts

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