Sunday, November 09, 2014


you know that feeling when the entire room seems to collapse around you and it's just the two of you there even though you can hear the mingled voices of the other guests
and there's this electricity you feel
and it hovers between the two of you
making heat where you're not touching
and breathing is harder
the air somehow becoming thinner, rarefied
and those breaths come quicker
you need that oxygen to keep you from the buzzing in your ears
and even through your clothes
you can feel the heat of him
and you are burning up
just right there
right there where you haven't touched yet
until you both notice everyone else has left
made their excuses
perhaps hurried on by the way the room is sucked dry of breathable air
made somehow uncomfortable by what isn't going on
because nothing is going on
you two haven't touched all night
have just been
sitting there
next to each other
nothing but
pheromones and electric magnetic wanting
and then the door closes and it's just the two of you in the room
the small
dorm room
and you've never liked each other
but you slam against each other so hard and fast your teeth hit 
and then breathing's just a means to an end because you have to feel what he feels like
hard flesh against the fly of his jeans
your breast
pressed into the grip of his fist
his other hand
pulling your hair back and away as he holds you
and your breath
against the stubble of his beard
I need you
never said out loud
just through touch
only touch
fingers sliding 


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  1. Well isn't that interesting... blogger has added some spacing to the end of the poem that I didn't ;)


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