Monday, May 19, 2014

Blood Red

Friends were coming
knocking on the door any minute now
so he pulled out of me
slid out of my pussy
where he was both taking pleasure
and giving it

I sat up
wanting more
wanting friends to wait
and I saw his penis
covered in my blood

He hadn't wounded me, no
quite the opposite
but he had been inside me
while I bled
my period blood
covering his penis

Before, I'd always noticed when a boyfriend had sex with me on my period because it would hurt a little

I suppose I was never fully aroused?

But honestly
the blood
covering him
coating his
surprised me

Because I'd forgotten
I was bleeding

He makes me

And the sight of him
covered in blood

was gorgeous
in a shocking
that was art
kind of way

I want that shot on record

It's forever in my mind

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