Saturday, April 07, 2018


pieces of you everywhere
waking me from calm
moments of your presence
filling silences I'd like left empty
a hundred hundreds we share and know
and yours are mine and mine aren't new to you
but how much longer
will this haunting continue
where you and
your memory - 
a word
whispers in my ear-
catch me blissful
and unaware
reminding me of the pain
the hurt
the missing
that I've tried oh so hard
to put away

people change in increments
when you're watching them day by day
but the leaps and bounds of unknown personalities
will throw you off every time
when you're away
living a life built to bring you back together
stepping over and around
the pieces of you
scattered everywhere
forcing me
to watch my step
lest my cadence be thrown off
yet again
by your ghost

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