Saturday, November 25, 2017

About That Thing

Sometimes when I'm with you I close my eyes
because you get too close to things -
or they seem to move towards us
boxing us in
and I don't want to panic

so I look away 
or close my eyes

I revel in the dark
and the ease of not seeing 

things get far too close

I worry too much
about things I can't control
and you
worry too little
about things that might not be

I'm not sitting where you're sitting
so everything looks different


less spacious

and from your seat
the world is bigger


I trust not
what I can't quite see

from my perspective

in these situations 
where you maneuver towards
big brick walls 
giant blocks of steel
I close my eyes
because it's all too close
and getting closer
and in the dark behind my eyelids
the tilt shift perspective
is entirely gone

so sometimes when I'm with you
I close my eyes

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