Thursday, January 29, 2015


I'm home now, having left his place not too long ago
and I'm back into comfy sweats and t-shirt but I'm physically lighter
I'm wet, yes
but I'm also tingly
legs a little jello-y
body far more grounded
Because I have a connection to a soul
and when we have 
calm quiet moments
where I hear his voice through his chest
my ear against his heart
and he runs his fingers
almost absent mindedly
across my back
I lose tension
I melt against him
the arousal almost secondary in its normalcy
and he asks a question and it feels like a lot of effort to make the sounds come out of my mouth

and I'm home again
but different
having stopped
and breathed
and touched skin against skin
with this soul I'm connected to
this human being full of flaws and frustrations 
and an hour ago I told him "you can ride in my car if you want but I will lecture you" and he laughed as he closed the door because he knows I mean it
and there are things that rub me raw with this one but we are not nothing to each other
and he has magic in him
to me
and so I'm home again now
having left his place not too long ago
and I'm less angry
less frustrated
more calm
more centered
more aroused 
more peaceful
than I was

I let myself be
with him
and his skin
his touch
makes liquid my tension
makes prominent 
my arousal

driving home
nipples hard
not just the Winter air

I wonder if he noticed 

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