Saturday, September 06, 2014

A Grounding

We're learning each other.

Or perhaps, more truthfully, he's learning me

I woke up anxious the other day
Just... out of nowhere
first thought?  Worry

And I tried to put it away but it just wouldn't go... this free floating worry
and before I went home I asked if I could sit with him for a minute 
so we sat
and I started to cry as I told him I was worried about this and that
and the other and more and why and 
he took my wrist

He took my wrist and held it
and I took a deep breath

and settled

him holding me
grounded me
and I wasn't worried anymore
I was
drifting in a calm space

a most effective drug - his touch

and then later
once I had calmed
more significantly than I would have imagined
he reached over
stroked my cheek with a finger
and I melted into him

I felt as if I were a cat, 
the sun on my neck
his finger
gentle on my cheek, 
stroking, soothing, loving

all right with the world.                     

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