Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Only Paranoia If You're Wrong. And I'm Not Saying I'm Right.

I can taste you
I can
But you haven't been here in a week.

You've ignored me
You have

And when someone retreats
My walls go up twice as fast

For I will push harder and harder
At someone who's leaving me

As everyone does

To make the pain burn the remembering inside of me
You can't trust anyone
No one stays
It's only ever you
And everyone lies
You're not good enough to stay for
No matter the pretty promises they throw your way.

But I can taste you
And I

I believed you

Wish I was

Wish I didn't know

Words are only words

And actions
mean everything

And I read between the lines
perfectly clearly

The mind wants to know
who got the attention
I didn't
this week

and don't tell me
we all know that's bullshit.

Told you
I needed you

Maybe that was my mistake

I thought maybe
it could be you
warts and all

but this all
only makes sense
if it's bad

because boys who like girls
men who like women


You see,
This is what happens when I'm left to my own devices
I figure out the truth
as it stands
with no one to erase the assumptions

But I can taste you
And you're not here

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